“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”  Jimi Hendrix

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This Work is about waking-up to the fact that you are not who you think you are. This personality/identity, this 'Me', you believe yourself to be is nothing more than an activity, a set of behaviour patterns constructed as an attempt to avoid the pain of early childhood.

However wonderful and caring your parents were, as a helpless infant you felt anxious and ashamed for having basic needs. So whilst lying in their arms you scanned your environment, searching for clues, you abandoned the wisdom of your felt-sense and asked yourself these simple questions: "How do I have to be in order to be loved?" "What do I have to do to get my needs met?"

And so it was, your identity was born. You simply cobbled together a predictable pattern of behaviour as an attempt to please your family, in the hope they would love and feed you. And because most of the patterns were created before you could talk, you never got to check out what and how your families actually wanted you to be. You just absorbed their responses to your impulses and made it up as you went along. Maybe, like me, you took the, 'if I'm quiet they'll love me' route, or maybe you went for, 'he who shouts loudest gets heard'. Whatever it was, your need for survival was so strong you just carried on twisting and bending, moving further and further away from your true nature.

The tragedy is, you are still doing it now, still unconsciously, pulling the same old strings everyday in an attempt to be seen and heard and get the love and attention you've forever craved. But the problem is, by cramping yourself into an outmoded idea of who you think you should be, you got so lost along the way and forgot who you truly are.

But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater here. It's really important to know that every single human being does this and that finding a way to ensure your survival was the cleverest, bravest, most creative thing you've ever done. So these patterns aren't your enemy, they served you well, but my question now is, are they still serving you?

My work is about supporting you in a process of self-inquiry, pointing you to self-realisation and self-actualisation. It's not about pushing anything, not about setting goals or feeling empowered. It's about becoming all of who you are, living from a place of presence, which illuminates the truth in any moment, returning you to the simplicity of your natural state. And from here witnessing your life unfold in truly mysterious ways. It's the marriage of source and substance - Freedom as limits - where your limitless, transcendent nature appears as You, with all the limits and difficulties appearing as this warm glove of human being bring. And from here we'll explore how you might live as a relational, dynamic, creative force in the world. It's hard to find a suitable word or phrase to name what I bring, because in reality the ground I'll take you to is un-namable. But for want of a term I'm going for Awakening as Embodied Consciousness, which is a radical acceptance of the actuality of your direct-felt-sensed experience of multi-dimensional reality, like it or not, in whatever way it shows up. 

Or in simple terms it means RELAX right where you are and RELATE with whatever experience arises, through a felt-sense of the present moment. 

This is the radical way of 'No Practice'. So I won't ask you to sit for hours in meditation or to contort your body into unnatural postures. All I ask is for your willingness to inquire into the truth of what's actually going on in any moment. 


- One-to-One sessions - at my home practice in Somerset (between Frome and Bath), in London, via Skype or phone call.

- Consultation in Somerset:  Adults £70 per hour. Children and teenagers £50 per hour. 

- Consultations: Skype and phone: Adults £70 per hour. Children and teenagers £50 per hour. 

- Consultations in London:  Adults £110 per hour. Children and teenagers £80 per hour. 

- Events: Fees vary- please see Events for current info

- Cancellation fees:  If less than 24 hours notice is given the full fee will be payable.


In person : via skype

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I occasionally work alone with couples, but more often than not my husband, Daniel (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner), joins the session too. This brings a unique flavour to our work and a lovely gender balance to the room, which is extremely supportive in relationship inquiry. Daniel and I have been together since 1997 and have navigated the many ups and downs and trials and tribulations of intimate relationship, including forming a composite family of five children, (with all the difficulties and joys that step-parenting brings), renovating two houses and building our own businesses. The focus of our work is offering support in unwrapping the difficulties in the relationship and in discovering the potential. 

Using self-inquiry, heart dialogue, and conversation, we can explore how effectively you're relating, what words you're choosing, how well you're listening, how truthful and loving you're being with one another. We can track back to uncover when the difficulties began, explore current issues and reveal the truth of what steps are to be taken next.

If you decide to commit to staying together we will point you to ways of reconnecting to the love that originally sparked your relationship and support you in discovering greater depth, capacity for intimacy and possibility for a new way of being together. 

If the truth emerges that your relationship is falling away, we'll support you in ending from a place of love and respect, where you can relate clearly and truthfully throughout your separation, ensuring everyone's needs are met, negotiating and managing finances, children etc.

- We prefer to see clients in person at our home practice in Somerset (between Frome and Bath) or in London, but can arrange Skype and phone calls if necessary.

- Consultations in Somerset:  Couples £210 per 90 minute session. 

- Consultations in London:  Couples £300 per 90 minute session.

Cancellation fees:  If less than 24 hours notice is given the full fee will be payable.